대용량 전해조 설비의 고조파 저감 및 역률보상

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대용량 전해조 고조파 저감 역률보상 전해조 시스템 필터 시스템
A major cost to a chlorine/caustic manufacturing facility is the energy used to power electrolyzer for refining process. Operation at low power factor results in additional vo1tage drop through the power system yielding a lower system voltage of the plant buses.
Low system voltage increases the process time and will add to the overall plant operating costs. Low power factor can also result in additional costs in the form penalties from the electric utility company. Capacitors can be applied in chlorine/caustic manufacturing facilities for a wide range of benefits. The capacitors will improve the power factor of the system, reduce billing penalties imposed by the electric power utility, and increase system voltage boosting productivity. The system losses are also reduced improving the electrical system efficiency. However. harmonic source in power system can interact with capacitor banks resulting in problem if they are not properly applied·
To improve the power factor and reduce the harmonic contents of the system, the design of tunned filters for six-pulse thyrister converter which is used by electrolyzer system is discussed in this paper. The six-pulse thyrister rectifier is one of the most widely used types of solid state converter. The current distortion caused by the rectifier is the source of various problems such as overheating in capacitors, generators, and inductors, and noise interference with the communication lines. Tunned filters are added to high-power rectifiers to keep the line current distortion within allowable limits and to improve the rectifier power factor.
For electrolyzer system, the design procedure of tunned filters of AC 14.4kV power system are proposed by dynamic simulation. It is shown that these harmonic filters can meet most operational requirments. By phase displacement of the transformer, very low harmonic content can be achieved at a specific operating point. The proposed design procedure is verified with the simulation and experimental results.
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Harmonic Reductionand Power Factor Correction in Large Electrolyzer Facility
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Seo, Gil-Mo
조선대학교 산업대학원
산업대학원 전기공학과
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2007. 8
Table Of Contents
제 1 장 서론 = 1
제 2 장 전해조 시스템의 이론적 고찰 = 3
제 1 절 전해조 시스템 = 3
제 2 절 고조파의 고찰 = 8
제 3 장 동조필터의 설계 = 12
제 1 절 필터임피던스 전달함수 = 12
1. 필터 시스템 임피던스 전달함수 = 14
2. 필터 시스템 전류분배 전달함수 = 15
3. 전압분배 전달함수 = 16
제 2 절 필터의 종류 = 17
1. 2차 직렬공진 필터 = 17
2. 고차 필터 = 22
제 3 절 동조필터의 설계 = 24
1. 변압기의 위상변환 = 24
2. 필터의 설계 = 27
제 4 장 시뮬레이션 및 실증시험 = 37
제 1 절 시뮬레이션 결과 = 42
제 2 절 실증실험결과 = 45
제 5 장 결론 = 49
참고문헌 = 50
조선대학교 산업대학원
서길모. (2007). 대용량 전해조 설비의 고조파 저감 및 역률보상
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