휘도제어가 가능한 슬라이드 조명시스템에 관한 연구

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In order to fix numerous light reflectors fast on the inner surface area of the body of light, ceiling light heretofore in use has a structure that is possible to assembly only by using parts like brackets, needs a working time to fix them fast, and has a problem of the lowered operation due to the encumbrance of the working since the work environment is bad.
Also, in order to replace the lighting on the body of the light, an user should do so after detaching a cover by him/herself, and the said cover is made in a certain shape without considering the appearance, so it becomes a factor to lower the sense of indoor interior design.
Meanwhile, regarding the existing covers, they can be a cause of safety accidents due to a danger of its falling caused by a poor condition of the assembly to the body, and as its cleaning is not easy, foreign elements like dusts can make the state of illumination problematic.
This study attempts to prove a superiority of slide-cover lighting. In order to solve these problems, cover materials with slide-type, blind cover should be prepared to make it easy to replace the light bulbs in a short time and to introduce a sense of decorative taste. Depending on an user's linking, slide-type cover can always change the indoor atmosphere by adjusting the light emitted from the lighting and meeting with the blind unit.
Also, this paper describes the lighting whose body is covered without an assembly required, that can prevent safety accident caused by a danger of falling and destruction because of the cover's lightness; and, that can improve an user's convenience by easily removing foreign elements without any additional work.
Alternative Title
A Study on the Slide Cover Lighting System Enables Brightness Control
Alternative Author(s)
Lee, Hyun-Do
조선대학교 산업대학원
산업대학원 전기공학과
Awarded Date
2006. 8
Table Of Contents
Ⅰ. 서론 1
Ⅱ. 이론적 고찰 3
A. 조명기구의 이론 및 특성 3
1. 백열등 조명기구 3
2. 형광등 3
3. HID 조명기구 5
B. Slide 조명기구 6
1. 슬라이드 조명기구 6
2. Slide 조명기구의 동작특성 10
Ⅲ. Slide Cover Lighting 시스템 12
A. Slide Cover Lighting System 기술 12
1. Slide Cover Lighting System 응용 12
2. Slide Cover Lighting System 제작 13
B. 조명기구의 반사갓의 설계 14
C. Remote Controller 19
Ⅳ. 실험 및 결과고찰 23
A. Lighting System의 광원 분석 23
B. 조명기구의 조도비교 26
Ⅴ. 결론 28
조선대학교 산업대학원
이현도. (2006). 휘도제어가 가능한 슬라이드 조명시스템에 관한 연구
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